Sunday, August 12, 2012

I said stop it!

Stop messing around and settle down OR ELSE!

Oh sorry, I was not talking to you I was threatening talking to my shawl. You remember my Holden Eggplant shawl? Well it seems I should forget it in a closet somewhere. With as many times as I've knit and ripped it back, I should have three shawls by now.

I started it back in May thinking I would have plenty of time to finish it and block it properly before a wedding in mid August. Well I was wrong, so very wrong. There is something about the yarn and pattern combo that makes me forget how to knit and count properly. 

I took it to South Dakota with me as a good on the plane knitting project. Many people talk about how lace is a great thing to knit while flying because it holds your attention and concentration. I now know I am not one of those people because I like to fly early in the morning and am still mostly groggy. I managed to knit a few lace rows before I gave up and gave into some sleeping.

I also knew that it was not a sit and visit with the relatives project either, so I did not even try that. I may have made some headway in the car but now we all know that I prefer to drive so the shawl made a meaningless trip to SD.

So I'm finally home and have an opportunity to do some meaningful lace knitting and the shawl is not working with me. After knitting, unknitting, knitting, ripping back and reknitting the same section this weekend I am throwing in the towel and have now accepted the fact I will not be wearing a new shawl next weekend.

So take that Eggplant, I'm going to go find a nice sock to knit on! Anybody on the needles have any Cashmere content? I need some comfort!

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