Wednesday, August 29, 2012


So the big town (according to South Dakota standards) that my parents live near is Rapid City (RC). It is close to Mount Rushmore which has four American presidents carved on it. Yes I know there is a whole debate about whether or not carving up natural beauty is the best way to memorialize people. Let's not get into that here, not that we would.

Anyways, Rapid City has decided to go with the presidential theme and placed statues of presidents on the street corners. The first one we encountered is George W Bush. Here is D with him giving us all thumbs up. I had forgotten that he too had a Scottie dog and initially thought man that looks nothing like FDR.

My nephew, who has lived near RC all his life did not get into the tourist act but graciously allowed a smiling picture for his Auntie. He gets good grades too. We're all quite proud of him.

Next we have D swearing in with William Taft. Well either swearing in or attempting to hold his hand. Sometimes it is best when you don't ask too many questions.

I got Calvin Coolidge because he has a saddle and a hat. I've always loved the story in which, Dorothy Parker told him she bet someone else she could get more than two words out of him. His reply? "You Lose." Yep that is still funny to me even now.

There are more statues but we moved on to the street fair, so that is all we got touristy with.

Turns out my brother-in-law and I have the same tastes for street food. Corn on the cob dipped in a crock-pot full of melted butter? Yes please!

Can you believe that I managed to eat it without dribbling butter all down the front of my shirt? I could not either but it did happen.

Here's to summer time in the great state of South Dakota.

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