Wednesday, August 22, 2012


You know that feeling of new yarn calling to you? Hey Baby why don't you come on over here and read my label? See how woolie I am? You like wool. Don't you want to see how my colors change? Go ahead and grab your needles while you're at it. Oh would you look at that, it seems my label has slipped off. Go ahead a grab my tail and cast on, you just want to see if the pattern directions make any sense. Good, they do make sense. What's that just one more row, go ahead and take your time. Another row? Sure I have no where else to be. 

Anyone else have "Toucha, Toucha, Touch Me" from The Rocky Horror Picture Show playing in their heads? Just me? (Liars)

Anyhow I just could not resist starting Wingspan in my new Mini Mochi yarn. I knit the above portion on the recommended needle size, but then I remembered that I usually go up a needle or two since I am such a tight knitter.

So I found a set of the larger needles and cast on using another ball of yarn. Yeah that label just happened to fall off too. Hee hee. Aparently I liked this sample better since I kept right on going on it.

Any opinions on which is better? I obviously have my favorite.

Y'all need a close up to decide? I don't know if it helps but here you go.

I am falling in love with garter stitch shawls. They're such a comforting simple knit, and I think they're pretty easy to wear too. I especially love the look of this pattern with the short row shaping to create the colorful wedge/swirls.

I can tell you, I continued on the larger needle size and have knit four wedges with one ball. Since the pattern calls for eight wedges, it means I should have a ball of yarn left over. What do I make from it? I am thinking maybe a hat. But I don't knit very good hats... Anybody want to suggest a pattern for a multicolored yarn hat?


  1. I vote for the one with the blue, green and purple in it, but I love rainbow-coloured yarn. And what about this hat:

  2. Yeah that is the one I liked too. I have more done so I will have to post pictures soon. I'm not sure I love the color combo, but I love the pattern. I see more wingspans in my future.