Sunday, October 30, 2011


Well I think winter is here. D and I both have colds. I am wanting to make casseroles and soup every time I set foot in the kitchen. Our colds are not really bad, no muscle aches or exhaustion, just blah. And because we feel so blah the grocery run was not done this week. So we're out of milk, bread, broth, just about anything I want to cook with. Hence today's experiment.

 It is not quite this orange but that is what blah colds do to my photography skills. I was going to make curried squash soup but found I was missing at least half of the ingredients. So what to do? The squash was already in the pan defrosting. Frozen butternut squash from the last time I was at the store and thought Hey I should make squash soup, at least a year ago.

I found some dry vegetable soup packets and tossed them in with some water and let it simmer for a bit. Since it looked a bit watery and limp I added a splash or two of half and half to make it cream of vegetable squash soup. Just what we need on a chilly day.

And you know since I am not getting anywhere fast on my projects adding another one in should totally distract me. This is the yarn that D brought me while he was away for ASL camp this summer.

While it would have made great socks I got to thinking that I don't really have that many shawls or scarves. Really as a knitter I should have more. And I really need a bright cheerful one to go with my plain black coat. So I started Baktus Scarf by Strikkelise, an all purpose pattern that works with any yarn. You weigh your yarn before you start and increase along the way till you have used half of the yarn then you decrease along the way till you run out of yarn. Garter stitch is great at showing off the colors. So soon I should have a nice toasty neck and a splash of color to set off my smile.

So I guess that is how we spend a laid back, cold recovery weekend. I just hope Monday is not planing to body slam me.


  1. I keep looking at that Baktus Scarf and telling myself that I really need to get around to making one. I'm sure it'll be just the thing to perk you up during the winter.

    I hope Monday doesn't slam you too hard. You could always take another recovery day, couldn't you?

  2. I think I am drawn to the simplicity of the Baktus Scarf. I am learning to love the look of garter stitch.

    I am feeling a bit better so Monday will not intimidate me.

  3. Hope you're feeling better soon. Yummy tea and knitting will help. ;-)