Tuesday, October 18, 2011


OK so I know I promised Rhinebeck yarn for this post but dog gone it I have been too busy to take pictures yet. It does not help that the light is fading so early in the day. But I have been mulling over this story I found the other day.

I must be honest it made me a bit sad. Letters really are a wonderful thing, why have we given up on them? I know I revert to my 10 year old self when I write. Hi how are you? I am fine. I am very busy with things. The weather is.... Somehow I have always felt deficient when writing in spite of being a very happy reader. It still amazes me that I am still blogging, but mostly I do this for myself. I always figure that if you don't like me you don't have to read further.

Still here? Thanks! I am going to try something. I am going to try to send more letters or cards. I am planning to send them out randomly so there is no guilt or pressure. Just when I think of it I will write something and send it out. It does not have to be a thesis on getting the Nobel Peace Prize, it just has to bring a smile to my face and hopefully the recipient's too. Mostly I see it as a hey I thought of you today, type of thing.

A few years back I did another social experiment on myself. Instead of wishing that I kept in contact with people I made plans to visit with someone once a month. I figured once a month would not harm this little introvert too much. You know the amazing thing that happened? After the first 3-4 actively planned "hey let's get together" I no longer had to seek people out. I only had to make the decision to accept invitations.

Amazing how easy somethings can be when you open yourself to them. Hey if you liked my idea feel free to send someone a note today or soon. You don't even have to turn into your 10 year old self either.  I do believe that at least one of mine will start our with, remember that one time when we.....

Send a letter, Please?

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