Friday, October 14, 2011


Tomorrow I will be going to the NY Sheep and Wool Festival, commonly know as Rhinebeck in the knitterly world. It is know as Rhinebeck because that is the town it is held in. We knitters we're a crafty group, in more ways than one.

I am so excited for this one for some reason even I don't understand. It is not like this is the only time I but yarn all year. I do tend to buy most of my yarn at festivals, and this one is the mack daddy festival locally. I think part of my excitement is coming from feeling rushed at SADK festival a couple of weeks ago. I was hosting my knitting group that same day and I needed to be home at a specific time. I am hoping to relax a bit more at Rhinebeck this year. I am planning on taking some snacks and people watching more. I also vow to myself to go and rest in the car if I need to this year. When D went with me a couple of years ago we found it a nice break from the action and a great way to enjoy some tea.

I am making my list and packing up some things tonight since tomorrow will be an early morning for me, not terribly early but still. I am taking some books to get signed if I can but am trying to think realistically how much yarn time I am willing to sacrifice to that particular line. (Not a whole heck of a lot.)

After SADK this year I had a dream that I had missed Shelridge Farms booth. I'm planning to make my German Stockings out of their yarn. I was so disappointed till I remembered which festival. I know I am odd but at least I am happy.

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