Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sock problems

I am working on a sock. Well that is not really true I was working on a sock till I saw an issue with it, then I stopped working on it and started thinking about what to do.

Do you see the problem? My colors are all pooling together and I worry the sock will look funny. No wait it does look funny. If I continue I know that the odds are that the other sock will pool completely different and look like two mismatched fraternal twins.

So the question becomes how weird is too weird for me? Do you think these would make better mittens?  I fell in love with the fall colors but now they just look muddy to me. What if I made gloves?

I don't know so I am amusing myself by ignoring them and knitting on the other four socks on the needles all still first socks. I am starting to think I am hopeless. Well at least I finish my projects eventually.

Did you ever have a knitting project just not come out the way it looked in your head during the dreaming stages? Maybe I just need to frog a bit then restart with nice stitch pattern.

What's that you say Hubby socks, knit on you instead? You only have a bit more than a toe to do, then I will have a nice finished first sock of a pair. My, my you sure are tempting. Well maybe just a row or two...

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