Sunday, October 16, 2011


Well I do believe that ways the most fun I've had at a festival ever. Traffic was awful this year, due to the normal parking area being grass and extremely wet. 2/3 of the parking was unusable and we could tell. I now know how lucky I was to be able to park on the fairgrounds.

I can say that every line I was in was filled with pleasant chatty people. I hope people could say that about me. I really worked hard on chatting people up! I asked questions and was able to give directions a few times.

I did not come away with a lot of pictures but I did try to capture things that made me laugh a few times. Such as.

I now have two signed knitterly books in my possession. One by the Yarn Harlot and the other by the wooly wonder that is Clara Parkes. I was debating about the book signing but was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was. A bit time consuming but easy. I brought my favorite Harlot book with me but bought Clara's new sock book there. So once again (till the next book comes out) I have a full set of Knitters Book of ...... by CP. As with all things useful my camera crapped out when I needed it most, it just means I can smile over the books more, right. Did I mention those books were touched directly by the authors. Yippie!

After the first round of yarn purchases it was time for the Ravelry meet up on the hill. As we were standing there I recognized a new Rhinebeck sweater I had seen on someone's blog just this week. You see that lovely lady in the blue sweater? If you go here you will see it when it was just pieces. I still can not believe I noticed the sweater then the wearer. Beautiful job I wish I had the courage to say hi but I was a chicken.

I acquired my mandatory NY Sheep and Wool sweatshirt and bought yarn for a sweater then I was off to the car for a mini break. Along the way I saw this.

The left sticker says "Must knit faster" and the right one says "Aww, let Pluto be a planet." You guessed it they put a smile on my face.

I stashed my lovelies in the trunk and sat down for a cup of tea or two and my new book. Thanks D for making my thermos of goodness. He is a good hubby.

Now this picture does not give the magnitude of people that are all around. I should have taken one in the barns but I get all claustrophobic and just want out, unless my brain went OOO wool, maybe just a little longer.

Even the sheep needed a break in the action. She didn't even flinch with all the noise going on around us.

Hubby is lucky that I did not come home with this guy. We were bonding quite nicely. You could tell when I hit a good scratching spot he stopped chewing and got a dreamy look in his eye. My fingers may be short but they know how to scratch all the itchy places. Just ask Gus

See what I mean about the parking? We're looking directly at the 4H gate there under the trees. Normally all the grass would be where the cars would be parked. Isn't my blue car pretty? Now she needs to go to the car wash and have some mud removed.

Next time I will show you what I bought. It's too overcast to take pictures today. Right now they're lined up on the couch arm so I can pet them anytime I want. It is good to be the Yarn Queen in this house.


  1. BEYOND envious. I would LOVE to go someday. Cracked me up with you said you recognized the sweater first. I'd do the same or recognize people's children but not them. Funny thing, this internet.

  2. One of these days, I'm going to make it to Rhinebeck. Do you think you'd recognize me or one of my FO's first?? :)

  3. Christine, We recognize what we see the most right? For some it is the children, for others the projects, either way it is all good right?

    Adriene, It is hard to tell since you talk about so many things. But based on the above statement I would have to say I would recognize your yarn contemplation stare, since that is your blog banner. Even my husband has said he likes that banner.