Wednesday, October 12, 2011

No where - Fast

I am in love! The colors in my new blue grey socks are enchanting me. You can not see it here but they vary in very short repeats between steel grey, turquoise blue to almost pastel blue. No odd pooling of colors, just blip of blue, blip of grey and blip of turquoise. 

I am so enchanted with the sock that I am rounding towards home on the toe of the first sock. Maybe since none of the colors are fighting each other for dominance that I feel I have a harmonious sock.

Then there is this guy. He is pooling all the place trying to figure out what to do. I've cast it on in two different color change spots on the yarn and keep getting the same areas of like colors matching up. Maybe the third time is the charm. Off to the frogging pond with you!

Maybe, Wine and Dark Chocolate is not the colorway name, maybe it is what is required to get the cast on in the right place. 

And as if that was not enough, my latest bout of startitis lead to casting on another Multnomah Shawl. This time in the sage green alpaca. My rhythm was off that night too and I ended up casting it on eight times over two nights. Luckily I never got far before the stitch count was wrong. I was a bit worried that I would wear the yarn out, casting on so much.

So a whole bunch of false starts with not a lot to show for my effort. Well other than and entertained knitter. Which as we all know is really the point of my endeavors. Entertainment and socks that is why I am a knitter.

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