Saturday, November 5, 2011

For Mom

A summer or so ago I was home in South Dakota visiting my family and our flight was delayed so we got to spend and extra day at home. Mom and I used the bonus time to visit a yarn store and pick out some yarn. 

Mom chose purple Jaggerspun wool silk blend. A fine choice if I do say so myself. It marinated in my stash for a bit and Gus may have even brought it in to D and me while we were sleeping. He is quite the yarn snob. "What? Grandma picks nice yarn, we have similar taste. Except I am the only one that really tastes the yarn."

Anyways, you know the tale of Mom's hat, well her mitts did not have the same pitfalls. Now that could be because I have knit this pattern five or six times now. What? They are quick easy and really useful in my opinion. Oh and did I mention I think they look lovely too?

And just to let you know I test my knitting before I give it away. I was nice and toasty. No, I don't really test my knitting before I give it away, we were headed out for a walk and oddly this was the only hat I had. Time for me to make some hats. 

I don't know how a lace pattern hat is going to hold up to SD wind but maybe she will wear it for light duty. 

So my knitting is pretty much like me, a bit eclectic. I choose cables for one thing and lace for another and call them a "matched" set. At least the yarn matches itself. 


  1. Damn, the photography is amazing. Did you use a professional?

  2. Oh he is a professional...something. Thanks for the pics. I will give you credit next time.

  3. Such a beautiful yarn in such a beautiful colour! What's the name of the colourway?

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  5. The name is Deep Purple. Hand written on each label. At least it is accurate.
    Thank you and it really was a great yarn to work with. I would definitely buy more.

  6. Hey, I LOVE my hat that you made for me. Keeps me warm at hockey.