Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wee bit closer

Well I am still in the land of haven't finish a gosh darn thing. I must not be knitting as fast as I am in my head. It is a lovely wooly place in that knitting corner of my brain and there are lots of books too.

So while I was out doing the Rhinebeck loot photo shoot, I let the WIPs (Work in Progress) come out and bask in the autumn sun. The turquoise socks have rounded the second heel and are fighting for my attention. It is always like that when I have new yarn in the house.

See what I mean about the little blips of color in this yarn? I live vicariously through my hair stylist. She always has odd colored bangs, which look great on her but on would look so far past weird on me. This time she had a bit of black surrounded by a bright turquoise. I think it was the best look yet. I happened to be working on this sock when I had my hair appointment, coincidence?

I never know when Hubby will be off on some trip so I should not give him any excuses to not buy me yarn right? You know like, You haven't knit up the last skeins of yarn I bought you, why would I get more? Anyone else shudder just a bit there? Not buy yarn because you have some at home? That is just crazy talk!

The sun may have been a bit bright and toned down some of the color. The pooling on these socks have been forgiven and is now admired. It is always difficult to imagine what a certain color combo will turn out like, and even more difficult to let go of the imagined picture to substitute the real one.

In this case it was easy, once I saw the rippling; purple, brown and deep red all swirling next to each other. You never know what is going to capture your attention while you knit.


  1. Hey lady, at least you've got a few partial FOs to show off! I'm still working on the never-ending-laceweight-stole-thingy... I did finish a couple of hats, but this project just seems to never, ever get closer to getting done. Of course, that didn't stop me from coming home with four skeins of yarn this weekend...

  2. Yep that is only one of the reasons I am afraid of laceweight. I am sure it will be beautiful when it is done. In the mean time just keep knitting.