Monday, October 10, 2011

My Squirrel

So the other night I walked into our bedroom and saw a very important sign attached to a T-shirt.

Can you read it? Yeah, I know you can read the number but can you read the word Marathon? I spent a very special Sunday waiting for my husband. You know why? He ran 13.1 miles for his first half marathon. I do think I may have been more excited than him but you know he is more low key than me.

I saw these people go by.

And these people go by too.

But I think that is my favorite view. He was going strong and looking happy.

Then I drove down to the finish area. No I did not check my odometer to see if it was 13.1 miles I was on a different route and got lost looking for the parking garage.

I did get to walk across that bridge, which connects downtown and a really lovely park. As you could guess I preferred the park. I need trees so I can breathe.

A kayaker was out on the river and I could not resist a shot. Doesn't he look so small?

First I saw the police bike, then I saw the 1/2 marathon winner.

D said his form is great. Yep, these are the things he thinks about now.

There is my man coming home to the barn. Unfortunately he experienced his first leg cramp that he could not walk out and had to finish the run at a walk. But you know what he finished and now he has more sympathy for my leg issues. I'm just trying to put a positive spin on it. I know he was frustrated. It is a hard thing when the mind and rest of your body is willing but one part of you just can not go.

Some days it is hard being married to a visionary and other days he leaves the cap off the toothpaste.
I would not want to go through life with anyone else.

Congratulations Squirrel! 

You kicked the road's butt! I am so proud!

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