Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas '09 Highlights

We spent ours back in South Dakota with family. Luckily we managed to get in before a huge snowstorm plopped itself on the state and decided to stay a while. So here are the highlights of Christmas 2009 more details will follow but I wanted to get these down while it was still fresh.

Huge snowstorm - we flew in a few hours before the airport was closed for 2-3 days.
Having a nephew tell us oh I thought you died - Yep I have nothing to say about that other than kids the darnest things.
Seeing new houses - D's grandparents moved into a condo and my parents had a new house after a fire took their old house about 2 years ago.
Meeting all the new dogs - My parents got a dog right before they got the new house, and my brother let the boys get a dog too.
Realizing we're the only cat family left in our family - My sister still has a cat but I think they are officially dog people now. I really missed my boys on this trip too.
Great Uncle passing - We received a call on Christmas eve that D's super cool Great Uncle passed away. So so sad and a bit surreal since the snow storm kept him home that day, we had just been talking about the possibility of seeing him the day after Christmas instead. I still can not believe that he is gone.
Yarn shopping with my family - I may not be a selfish knitter anymore. I also made a lady laugh in the yarn aisle because I was explaining that I would be happy to knit my sister something if she picked it out because I never want to see the "why did you make this for me" face. I think I have a feel for what my sister likes maybe she will get more things in the future.
Leaving knitting projects behind - I came to a sad realization while packing that I could only take one small knitting project with me because I would not have room for D's sweater. Yep that also means that it is still not done. Poor D at least I got him other Christmas presents.
driving across the state both times but the one being wicked cold
Seeing other knitters in the airports - D was seated next to a knitter on one of our flights and I saw another knitter in the airport. I'm still shy enough to just smile and walk on with out making first contact.
Sleeping 12 hours on arrival - I was felled by stress over load on arrival at the in laws house. They graciously allowed me to throw in the towel early and sleep off the exhaustion. Plus then we got to have hash the next morning to use up leftovers. Hash is some tasty stuff! Thanks Big H.
Seeing how the apple does not fall far from the tree - It is amazing to see family traits in action.
Enjoying a belated new years with hubby - We arrived back home on New Years Day and were having dinner at midnight.
Leaving new Christmas things behind - All our wonderful presents will be making the trip here shortly due to the above mentioned luggage space crunch. Good thing I have such a great Father in Law to take care of things. I thought we would be able to post them but we ran out of time and realized that the post office is closed on New Years day. Time flies.
D and my nephew connected over college - It is getting to be time for my oldest nephew to go off to college and he had lots of questions for my Hubby. D was happy to arrange for a tour of our old department at the college. Strange to see but happy.

There they are in no particular order, just how they jumped into my head. Well now you know what is coming in future blog posts. Hope you enjoy them. Happy New Year!

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