Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Book it

Well this one will be a book post. My loving Hubby gave me "The Sittaford Mystery" (The Murder at Hazelmoor) by Agatha Christie. I enjoyed it thoroughly on the plane ride to and from SD. I must admit that I could not figure this one out. It was not my favorite but I was amused. I was having a devil of a time choosing a book for the trip too, so it all worked out nicely for me.

My sister and I were discussing mystery books and we are a wee bit different. While I like to figure out whodunit, my sister thinks that if she figures it out it was too easy. As in the plot was not complicated enough, or at least that is what I understood. Her taste seems to differ a bit from mine too but that could be because I'm new to mysteries.

I've picked up a couple of new ones from the library, "A Royal Pain" by Rhys Bowen and "Sick of Shadows" by Marion Chesney. They are the second and third books in two different series. Maybe I can reroute some of my knitterly urges this way till my Christmas books make it here. Yeah, I don't think it will work either but it is worth a try.

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