Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How it is going in my world

My knitting hands are itching, not in an allergic way just in anticipation. I recieved some wonderful knitterly items for Christmas. Unfortunately for me I am not able to touch and feel all my great gifts. They had to be left in SD to be shipped later. My wonderful Father in Law is sending them to us.

This year turned out to be a scandinavian knitting year. I receive three books on Norwegian knitting. So you should expect to see some fantastic colorwork mittens in the future.

I'm still working on the same three projects I've been working on. D's sweater, my Christmas socks, and the Selbu mittens. The mittens have not been touched in weeks. I have come to the decision I need to frog them since the thumb gusset is not working for me. I just do not have the time or guts to face that frogging session.

I bet they would have been useful during our recent trip too. Well at least they should be done before the spring comes, at least I hope they will be done by then. Note to self always start mittens in the fall rather than in the winter.

D's sweater has 1/2 to 3/4 of a sleeve. He is still waiting for the other sleeve and collar. I wold say I 'm working as fast as I can but that does not seem to be quick enough for either of us. He is being patient but I don't think I am.

The good news is that my socks are moving right along. Turns out when you're stuck in a snow bound state with only one project to knit on it gets knit up.

This lovely shot is my second sock enjoying a good sit down in the airport before boarding the plane home. But first it had to have the heel flap finished and the heel turned too. It is quickly working it's way to being a real sock like its partner already is. It is looking forward to taking a dip in the washing machine when it is finished. The funny thing is I had to frog a bit of the first one when I was talking to my Mother in Law I forgot to cross one of the cables. I tried to drop stitches and just twist the cable and knit that small section back up, but that is a skill I have not yet learned. Maybe I just need more practice. Hey but that is not something that I want to be practicing all the time.

I did have time to look over the books that D's family gave me for Christmas. I had them on my wish list and they are as good as I hoped they would be. So my fingers are itching to start something new.

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