Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I tried out the knitting group at the library the other night. Seems to be a nice group so far. As you know I'm anti-social so this was a big thing for me. Well not big, but I did have to talk myself back into it several times.

When I get home after a day of work I really don't want to leave the house again. For food, fun or even money. Well now that last one has not been tested, I've never accepted a bribe, mostly because it has not been attempted, but that is another story.

So one of the ways I forced myself to go was to finish the audio book I was listening to in the car. turns out I really don't like the radio that much anymore so I really needed a new book. Guess where they have books....the library!

I used my knitting group time to weave in the ends of D's sweater. Yep the sweater that would not end is finally done. (I think, you never know how shifty a sweater can be till you wash it.) Pictures will be posted shortly. He seems to like it so that is good news.

I discovered an interesting side effect to having startitis. (The urge to start as many projects as you can in a short amount of time, regardless of what projects are currently on the needles.) I had a wicked case of I-want-this-doneitis. (The urge to finish something, anything so you can have a feeling of accomplishment.) When you start all your projects at the same time, none of them get your full attention and thus all seem to be with you for a longer time. This feeling sometimes actually heightens the feelings of startitis. If you can not finish anything you might as well start something else for the simple change of view it affords you. Stop messing with me startitis, you know they're working on a pill for you!

Well that is all the knitting theory I have in me tonight. Where are my needles I need to lock them up for the night.

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  1. I always wanted to go to that knitting group but then forget about it 5 minutes after seeing the sign.