Sunday, January 10, 2010


So as you can tell my knitting has been languishing. Poor knitting. It turns out the thing that I need to motivate me on a knitting spree is a cold. When I feel this unattractive and leaky the only sane thing for me to do is stay home and knit. I finished my Christmas socks.

Not my best picture but I blame the cold. They are made from Decadent Fibers Savory sock yarn. I used my standard sock measurements but placed the cable from Widdershins socks from I had the hardest time understanding it but in the end it worked out and I really like them. They will forever remind me of Christmas 2009 spent with D's family at their home in the middle of a huge snow storm.

I also worked on D's sweater, it now has most of an arm. I had to try it on him twice today to make sure it is working. Measure 3 times knit twice. That is how this sweater is working out. Maybe that should be my name for it Measure 3 knit twice. I still have a couple of inches to go but for this sweater that is major progress.

We received the packages from SD on Thursday. Can you spot this year's knitting theme?

Yep, looks like there will be a lot of color work/mittens in my future! I am so happy! You can see I included the electronic scale in with the knitterly goodness. I'm going to use it to weigh my yarn to make sure I have enough for the second socks that I knit. I used it to weigh my beer sweater.

And the remaining skein of yarn that I knit the sweater from. So now I know I have enough yarn to knit another wee beer sweater. Ain't life grand? I had a great time weighing all my yarn this weekend, does that make me weird? Nah, I didn't think so either. As a side not many of the yarns came in at the weight that they claimed. Most came in slightly over stated weight. Yea a little bit more yarn for me.

My mom, sister and I made time for a yarn hunt. I've been hunting for Paton's Kroy sock yarn for a while now. I've heard about it on blogs and podcasts but never seen it in real life. Now I own a bit of it. Seems like a standard sock yarn but I will have to try it out. I also needed another wind up tape measure, so I've got one now in a color that I may be able to keep track of.

My sister requested a hat and my mother quickly said she would like one too. So that explains the two I love this wool yarns. I think this one will be a fun one to try out too. They want the hat shown on the brown yarn package. Too bad that when I got home I opened the directions and found that we need two skeins of yarn to make one hat. Why did I not check that? It is not like I opened the package and was not going to buy the yarn. Live and learn.

I will also be exploring the world of knit dish clothes. Mom requested I make one. Who can deny Mom on Christmas? I don't really get those but I will be happy to fulfill a request. See I'm not a selfish knitter I just need very specific requests.

I've already filled the knitting project void left by my completed Christmas socks. I will show it to you when I get a picture. It is bulky yarn so it should not take me long. Happy knitting

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