Thursday, January 21, 2010

England Day Two - Look Kids Big Ben/Parliament!

January 20 2009
We woke up late (8:30) and rushed down to have breakfast. We had a full English breakfast, bacon, sausage, eggs, baked beans and stewed tomatoes.

My stomach rebelled against this idea, but it calmed as we had some tea also. Oh they serve a strange version of lemon juice instead of orange juice. We did quick showers in our water closet. No really it is a small closet area turned in to a bathroom.

Figured out how to do the Tube. Took train from Euston (pictured above) to Victoria station and walked over to Buckingham Palace. We walked past the royal mews on the way.

The royal mews. Where the horses and royal carriages are kept.

I took a picture with and older gentleman in a long red military style coat with medals on it. He was looking for a hospital but we were unable to point him in the right direction.

Got to Buckingham in time to see some of the changing of the guard. Unplanned, we saw them march in, a couple of different ways.

Took some pictures of the Victoria Monument.

Walked down to the Arch.

I think this is where the horse guards train and practice.

This one cracked me up to no end. Guys taking a midmorning break just seemed so British to me. I don't kno why.

Westminster Abbey

Monument to Oliver Cromwell in front of Parliment. Don't know why but I found it a bit odd there. I guess I would think that they would have moved it to a different location.

Queen's entrance when she attends Parliament. I think I should have a sign made up and placed on our garage door saying the same thing. A woman's home is her castle right?

The Victoria tower of Westminster Palace where Parliament meets.

Statue in the Victoria Gardens of The Bughers of Calais

Another shot of Westminster Abbey. We went on a tour inside the Abbey but photos are not permitted. I did see several people snapping away with their cameras. Yes it did break my heart a bit to see it and no I did not turn them in.

Inside the Abbey is very strange. They bury people under the flagstones that you walk on. So it was like walking on everyone's grave which is very unsettling for me. The whole place is full of tombs and monuments everywhere. If there is a corner it has been sold to someone who put a loved one in it.

We saw Queen Elizabeth's tomb and Mary Queen of Scots too. We walked over Poets corner.
The most touching part for me what the tomb of the unknown warrior. There were prayer candles lit. Very moving for me.

My daily email back home follows.

Hello All,
We had a very busy day today. First time on the London tube. It is not as hard as you would think. Took it down to Victoria station then waled to Buckingham Palace. The wer doing the changing of the guards. That was not something I planned to see because I heard it was over rated. Turned out to b pretty cool. The Queen is not in residence, think they will rent out her fooms to me? Same low price I have now?

Walked a ways down the road passin many statyes. The know how to memorialize people here. Heard the bells of Wesminster Abby chiming. Beautiful. Walked past Big Ben (He really is!) and Parliment. They sure do know how to do architecture here. Sat by the Thames looking at the London Eye. Nope I am definitely not doing that one. It moves so slow you can't see it move, or else it is really not moving.

Went cak in for a tour of Westminster Abby. It was odd. More on that another day. Hard to describe it. Got to hade the turbe back up north to the hotel area. Walked past a pub with the TV on playing the inauguration of Obama. Had a moment realizing I am watching the first African American presiden being sworn in, in England. Wow the world seems smaller all the time.

Wow we just have to figure out which pub to go to and what beer to try.
Oh we had our firs Full Engleish breakfast also. With a small amount of jet lag it is not appetising.
Jet lag is not as much of a worry. Seems to be mostly fine but I did have weird dreams last night. Had some lovely fish and chips for dinner last night and the biggest bottle of Newcastle they could find. I thik we are off to Windsor Castle tomorrow. My feet are not happy with me but I think I can condidently say I have had two good workouts this week.

Oh yeah, our bags showed up today so I can changge into different clothes finally. MMMM fresh clothes.
Well that is all for this installment of the Yarnkettle in London show. Tune in tomorrow for further adventures.

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