Sunday, January 31, 2010

Getting it done

Well it seems my needles and yarn are attacking me again. I've cast on 2 new projects in 2 days. The good thing is I've finished some smaller instant gratification projects in the mean time and D's sweater is washed and drying. He should be able to wear it this week.

Second bonus for him is that one of the new projects is for him. He mentioned today that he would like another pair of socks. Yep I think the sock bug has bitten him too. Or does it bite me through him? I had picked up a couple of skeins of Red Heart's Heart and Sole yarn to try. It is brown with some white and navy blue thrown into the mix. He thinks it should be manly enough, but it is that self striping stuff that seemed to saturate the market a couple of years ago. I must admit I am no longer a fan of stripy socks but hey they will look fabulous on him.

Oh my instant gratification projects? Dish towels/spa towels. Depends on if you use them for the dishes or your face.

Yep that bug finally bit me too. I did not understand what the fuss is about. Turns out they're fun to knit. So fun I started another when the first was done.

Gus decided he wanted to model the cloths, to make them all the more tempting to the viewing public. I was worried the cotton yarn would be hard on my hands but it was much smoother and softer than I expected.

The brown yarn my Mom picked out while I was home for Christmas. And the green I found here in NY. My sister will be getting one of the green ones and I'm keeping the other one.

My first instant gratification project was not a cloth. It was a bulky yarn hat. Foliage from

It was the yarn I picked up at the Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival, in September. I rather like the hat but not so much on me. It is a close fitting hat and I feel a bit claustrophobic in it. Maybe I'm just not cold enough to appreciate it. I will use the rest of the yarn to make another I think. Unless I can find a different hat pattern that will work. I've used half of the yarn so the other half must go to the back of the "I'm knitting this" list.

Also I started another pair of socks for me, out of the new Paton's Kroy sock yarn I got in SD. I will be knitting it in the Retro Rib pattern by Evelyn A. Clark from Favorite Socks. I've wanted to knit those since I got the book a couple of years ago.

I also worked on putting together some ideas for what socks I want to knit out of what yarns I have. Sometimes it is fun to look at all the patterns and imagine what the yarns will look like knit up in a certain pattern. Sometimes I would like to have that planned out for me, so I could just get started with it. I still reserve the right to change my mind at anytime. Many of the socks that I'm thinking of knitting are in the Favorite Socks book. Well maybe that is one of the first books I looked at in the planning. I think many of the designs are beautiful. I still have a few others up my sleeves but I think I have some things to keep me busy and out of trouble for a little bit.

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