Tuesday, September 1, 2009


When I was a kid I loved only summer. I grew to enjoy spring because it meant that summer was on the way. It took living in the south for a couple of years to make me appreciate seasons other than "HOT".

The thought struck me as I was driving home today that I really have learned to love the change of season the most. It seems so full of potential. Will the winter be long and cold or surprisingly short? Will the summer be a scorcher or full of relaxing rain? As much as I usually fear change, it is what I look forward to with the seasons.

I had always seen the pictures of fall foliage in all the calenders when I was growing up. I thought they were OK pictures but as a person that dislikes orange and yellow they were lost on me. New York has opened my eyes and senses. I've lived through eight falls here and I love it so much. I hate cleaning up the leaves but I love to see the colors and feel the crisp fall air. It is like awakening from a lazy summer nap. Summer drains my energy with its heat, fall energizes me with its crispness.

Winter has a place in my heart now too. I have never seen snow as beautiful as in this state. I experience feelings of calm and security unlike any other when it's snowing and I'm safe in my home or car. The white snow comes down and covers all the dirt and grime. It gives softness to edges and quiets the noise of life. It does not hurt that this usually means my cats will burrow in with me and create a awesome heat pocket. How could I feel less than secure with all that going for me.

Spring is the awakening and renewing. Spring has buds and flowers that call to my farmer's daughters heart. Can't tell my dad used to plant winter wheat hmm? Spring allows my bones to thaw and my heart to rejoice. Windows get opened and birds start singing.

Summer means freedom and more time. Freedom from the indoors, enclosed spaces and school. Time to stay up late, to dream and to cook outside. Freedom from coats and gloves. Cold beer and relaxation. The smell of grilled food and fresh veggies.

So which season is my favorite? All of them. The seasons are like my taste in music, I can find something to love about each of them. But mostly I like having all the choices.....

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  1. Correction. I listened to a Calypso special on NPR yesterday. Nothing to like there.