Saturday, September 26, 2009

Resistance is futile

If you're wondering, yes I am a Trekie. Thanks for asking.

I went to the first annual Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival today. I was out the door on the road when I remembered I did not bring my camera, and I was going to get foliage pictures for you today too. Note to self add camera to list of things to take to Rhinebeck in October.

I ended up getting some things out of the ordinary for me and some things very much in the ordinary for me. Here is my haul.

I had an all artfully arranged picture then I put the soap in the center away and realized I missed a yarn.

OK normal things for me to buy are the two sock yarns from Holiday Yarns and the grey alpaca they are propped on. The soaps, multi colored bulky yarn and the brown mix of wools in front were out of character for me. They all called to me separately. I have no idea what I will be making from them but I am happy I got them.

The colors of the bulky yarn just called to me, I am thinking either a hat or mittens. This booth also contained the funniest overheard comment of the day, "She knits like she is mad". Well, when questioned what that looks like it turned into "militaristic". I'm not sure what militaristic knitting looks like, but it might be that you're trying to aggressively stab your knitting repeatedly. I can tell you that it did not look like fun.

I wandered around and I can tell you that I have no urge to learn how to spin fiber into yarn unless I am at one of these events. Every where I looked there were fleeces, as in wool off the sheep but not yet spun into yarn. I would say that about half of the venders were selling mostly or only fleece. I feel a bit like I am missing out on something but don't really want to join the club. Strange but true.

As I turned one corner I saw 3-4 ladies in habits, you know of the Nun variety. Turns out there is an order called St Mary's on the Hill that tend the animals and sells the yarns. "Prayer is the sisters' first work." I like that line sometimes I forget my first work. The proceeds go to support both locations, one in NY and one in Africa. I have no idea what I will make with this but I really like the reason why I bought it. Bonus it smells like cedar chips, no not the already sheepy kind but the pleasant moth deterring kind. I love the smell of cedar!

After being indecisive about some alpaca yarn, I decided to go back and look at some alpaca I had seen earlier. While there I recognized a voice behind me, two of my knitting group friends were there molesting, I mean choosing yarn to purchase. We each bought a sport weight 665 yard skein of alpaca from Times Remembered. Each a different color. Mine is a silvery dark grey. The other two I can not tell you, we waffled so many times. I am thinking a neck warmer of some sort, the office I work in can get really cold. I know that I am enjoying the feel of the skein here on my lap as I write this. Yarny goodness

We went to Bubbles and Baas and bought some soap. I got oatmeal and honey, eucalyptus and aloe, and wool bubbles that has lanolin in it. I am looking forward to having some soft hands. I do think I will pick up some knitters lotion when I'm at the NY sheep and wool at Rhinebeck. I saw a few today but I need to research a bit more and see what I will like. Maybe I just need to buy an unwashed fleece and soak up all the lanolin out of that. See that kind of thought is what puts you on the road to being a spinner.

My friends took off and I would have too but I needed a potty break. What we all need potty breaks? Then some sock yarn I had seen briefly started calling my name. Sock yarn does that to me a lot you know. While in the Holiday Yarns booth I experienced knitters deception. I was standing there with two skeins of yarn trying to decide when another knitter says "Ooooh those are nice, you trying to decide?" She asks if it will be for me. When I say yes she points to the reddish Chai Shadows colored one (on the right), instead of the brownish Cafe au Lait colored one (on the left). I stand there thinking, you know I don't make decisions quickly. When the owner says I will let you have both for $10 off. So of course I whip out my card to buy. The lady that had tried to help me decide asks the owner do you have any of the Cafe au Lait color left? I was buying the last skein. You know what that means right? She was trying to influence me out of buying the one she wanted. Knitters we're all a bunch of filthy liars when you're holding our yarn.

D asked me if I still want to go to Rhinebeck. Yeah I know he is a funny guy. Honey let me help you out here, do you still want to go to the super cool awesome bike store of all bike stores, on any given day? Rhinebeck is my super cool bike store that I can only go to once a year, so yeah I still want to go.

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