Thursday, September 10, 2009

What I did on my Labor Day Weekend

You know the funny thing is I've never had to do a report on what I did on summer vacation.

We went camping! First time out this year. It has been a rainy summer and time just flew by. Of course I still am counting D's charity bike rides as mini camping trips. You're up early, trying to figure out where you're going, once you arrive in the designated spot you have to sign in, everybody has special equipment everywhere and I've packed a huge bag of things to entertain myself. Sounds a lot like camping to me, in theory anyways.

This weekend was a lesson in me giving up control of the situation. I love to plan things and that did not happen this trip. I only found out where we were going the Saturday prior to Labor Day. Luckily my brilliant Hubby and I had most stuff arranged in Rubbermaid tubs so we are mostly packed at any given time. I did not have the energy to go grocery shopping before hand so we decided to buy it all there. It seemed to go well except for some urgent texts I received while shopping as to what the beer status was. Apparently in progress is not a good enough answer, when you've kept them waiting for an hour.

We tried to find the beer on Friday night when we were picking up stuff for breakfast. This store must have thought that beer was like gold because they hid it in a back corner behind the floral department. Or maybe that was by design for dudes that are trying to get out of the doghouse, flowers to get you out, beer to console yourself if the flowers don't work.

That is the happy Hubby making the sign for camping. You can see we do not go camping without our morning starter of tea in the black and gold tin. You should also note the lovely cup cozy I knit for outside tea enjoyment. It worked pretty good, but maybe I just drank the tea before it could get cold.

D is holding my ingenious converter that turns a camping coffee pot into a teapot. We've tried to find a method that works as good as at home. That is the upper aluminum portion to the percolating basket for coffee. I used some handy dandy cotton yarn to hold it together and we were makin' tea. That was my third method and methods one and two leave you with a lot of tea leaves in your pot which makes it way to strong for me. I'm starting to believe that D could drink tar if you made it smell like Lapsong Souchong. Who am I kidding I would at least try it too.

This was the path that we took to get to the beach! Yeah it was a nice campground.

Yep that is the before mentioned beach. We got to spend some time there on Sunday and I did not even get sun burned. Sunday they had a beach party, bonfire and fireworks over the lake. It was our first time at a beach party. Hey what do you expect we grew up in South Dakota, not that many beaches there. That and the fact that I am at my heart a fuddyduddy. Is that how you spell that?

So all in all a good time was had. Not the most rest full time but a good time. I did finally learn to get over loud campers this weekend so I can say I grew a bit.

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