Sunday, September 20, 2009

I did it!

I talked D into going to NY Sheep and Wool festival with me in October! I am sad to say that I used the bike as bait. I told him he could bring her along and go for a ride if he got bored or did not want to look at anymore yarn. I know, strange thought who does not enjoy looking at yarn?

He did put the stipulation out there that I do not ask "Do you like this one or this one", "Which color do you like" or any other opinion related questions. Hmm I wonder why? You so know I am going to find a crazy yarn and ask "Does this make my butt look big?" Hey someone has to do it, it might as well be me.

I am looking for some specific things this year. Sock yarn, when am I not looking for sock yarn? This time I think I am going to try to find some lesser know brands, vendors or content mixes. I have been wanting to try bamboo yarn for a while, but I love wool so much that I can not resist its charms. Wait a minute did I just say that I want to try to find bamboo yarn at a wool festival? What is wrong with me?

I want to see some of the vendors that I always seem to miss. Can't think of them now but I hope to before we get there. I am buying a sweatshirt early this year and not waiting till they're all sold out. You can never have too many sweatshirts with sheep on the front. They make people notice you, and read writing on your bosom. Yeah that last part is uncomfortable. Not as uncomfortable as having someone point out (touch) light houses that they have been to on a shirt that your wearing! That conversation ended really quickly!

I have made a couple of sweaters now, so in theory I should feel comfortable buying for that now. I would like to get some yarn for the Hubby's sweater but I think I would cross over into the "questions not to be asked" zone. I will let you know how that all turns out. We know I'm going to screw up and ask at some point during the day. Think I worry too much?

Part of the fun going to these things is people watching, knit wear watching. You get to see stuff that other knitters have knit. The first year I went was sort of a bust for me. It was warmer than usual and I was a sock knitter only at that time, do you know how hard it is to show off knit socks walking around outside in October in upstate New York, I do it is very hard. The second year was cooler but I forgot my Fetching mitts at home and my first sweater was in the wash. So it occured to me that I need to find something to wear this year that will show my progression as a knitter. Yeah it is to late to knit something now. I started to think, well I can take one of my pairs of Fetching that I missed last year, Hmmm I could wear my grey cable sweater.

Not bad but I think it is rather plain. Does it look like I have a column of arrows pointing to my face? Oh it does, good *cough*I planned it that way, design element?

Then I remembered my first project that made me feel like I'm a good knitter. I give you The Christmas Party Shawl.

My first multi month project. I learned lessons making this. I learned how to knit when I don't want to. I learned how to plan out a project and make it work. I learned that I really like red and Alpaca is warm. I learned about project deadlines. I learned that deadlines take away joy from me. I learned that I can do something that I thought I could not do. I learned that I love the book Victorian Lace Today. I also learned that I want to make more shawls but I need to bask in the glory of the first one for a time. It has been almost a year now maybe I should pull that book back out.

So I guess you might be able to identify me at Rhinebeck if you're going this year. I know I am and I will have a date, unless the bike woos him away. Just make sure you leave the keys with me honey I will be loading yarn into the Escape throughout the day. NO really I need the keys....

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