Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One foot in front of the other.

I am still plugging along on my sweater. I finished the body using a baby cable rib I found in my Custom Knits book. It came out looking better than I had hoped for, sometimes even I am a pessimist. I'm working on a sleeve and have managed a few rounds but that is about it.

I can feel the seasons change and see it even more. It is starting to stay darker longer in the morning. So my normal reaction to this is to sleep later and later. I make it to work in the morning but my breakfast and knitting margin have shrunk down to 5-10 minutes, which really means I have time for breakfast. The leaves are starting to change and I am determined to get pictures this year. Every year I meant to take a camera to work with me because I can stop on my way home and find some lovely trees. Every year it is December before I blink and all the leaves are sitting in an unattractive pile in my yard. They are leaves it is what they do!

I managed to finish a pair of socks this weekend but did not get pictures of them. Soon my pretties soon.

You know how I love lists, right? Well I listed all the immediate projects I wanted to start and came up with 15-20 projects. I still have 2 on the needles I'm trying to finish. I would like to have my sweater done by October first, I don't think that is going to happen. Maybe it needs to start following me around, so I would work on it. Of course that plan has not worked for the second sock of D's pair. I told myself I needed a time when I could concentrate to turn the heel since I was trying an unfamiliar method but I turned the heel 2 weeks ago and has been riding around in my purse since then. Poor sock it wants to be on his feet so badly.

One of the projects I want to start is mittens for D. One of his favorite animals are squirrels, don't ask me why maybe it is the tail. I found these mittens and thought of him. I thought they would be too funky for him to wear in public but I have been given the go ahead. I hope they look as good as they do in theory in my head.

I think I will save the rest of the list for another time. You can be sure D's sweater is right up there at the top. I have to deck him out in knitted wear while the decking is good. Sort of the knitters version of strike while the iron is hot.

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