Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm still supporting my Husband!

Well, not financially but in spirit. My hubby did something this weekend he did not think he could. I, being a very good wife knew he could but we will not quibble over that.

He completed a 62 mile bike ride for MS. Storms were forecast for the afternoon so we were both nervous about him getting caught in the rain. He toyed with the idea of only doing the 30 mile route, but we checked forecast Sat. am and he decided to do all or nothing. He chose all by the way. Not to spoil anything here but he did not get rained on. It did cloud over but we lucked out.

We arrived at West Mountain in time to see the 100 mile (century) group leave. Small but effective group. FYI 62.5 miles is called a metric century because it is 100 km. D completed the metric century.

We got him registered and prepped. See how happy he looks? I believe our Escape is now being referred to in our house as the SAG. It is a biking thing Support And Gear.

I saw him off at 9 am. Yes that is 9 am on a Saturday, we were up by 6 am. Sad but true. You can not see it but that is the thumbs up sign he's giving me. He is so cute!

I found a spot and unpacked my now I wait for 5-6 hours bag. Yep that is right: knitting, knitting journal, water, Ipod, new romance novel and notebook for random thoughts and future blog entries. All the food was stashed in the Escape but a granola bar. Can you bring chips and beef jerky to an event like this? Do the fitness food police confiscate it?

The first 2 hours passed quickly like they did at the other event. I missed my knitting buddy this time, but hey she can't come to every event with me. Then I got hungry and had to retire to the SAG. See it even works when you're not the one riding in the event. Let me just say I love our Escape, it seems to be living up to its name. I spent a couple of hours in there and got a bit twitchy waiting. There is really no way to know how long it will take for him to get back. The closer it gets to a possible finishing time the twitchier I get. Luckily he texted me at about 1:30 to tell me 8 more miles to go. I closed up shop and went to wait by the road.

I saw this at around 2:15. Did I mention that I think he is super cool and cute, sweaty and all.

He does not look half as tired as I would after riding a 6th of that distance. That picture is post ride, post dinner and pre ride home. I think he is happy, to be done and to have been able to do it.

I forgot to mention that the reason he did this ride was for his mom who has MS. Betty, are you as proud as I am? Yeah I think you are. So send all your good thoughts and best wishes to her today!

My favorite picture from the day. Doesn't he just look like a visionary?
Hubby, I love you and love being your SAG team.

Follow me where I go what I do and who I know
Make it part of you to be part of me
Follow me up and down all the way and all around
Take my hand and say you'll follow me
John Denver - Follow me

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