Sunday, July 19, 2009

What type of knitter am I?

People use many ways to define or identify themselves. Interests can narrow us down even further. A reader can be defined by what genre they read, mystery vs romance. Music preferences carve out other identities, country, rock pop, rap and reggae, to name a few. When D played the guitar the differences were electric/acoustic, with in acoustic there are classical vs folk. Now with his biking love the biggest divider I see is: road vs mountain. Road biking is what they do during the Tour de France. I'm still annoyed that his obsession has leaked into me. I am actually excited to see the Tour de France this year. I caught part of the Swiss tour the other day on TV and realized I had tuned in and stayed that way while he was not even in the house to request the channel hold.

In knitting there are subsets like any other grouping. Since it is my hobby/obsession I know more break downs of knitterly definition.

Yarns - acrylic vs natural or hand painted vs kettle dyed.
Tools - material make up - wood vs metal vs plastic vs anything else you can think of.
Technique - straight needles vs circulars, double pointed needles(DPN) vs magic loop, top down vs bottom up.
What you like to knit - socks, scarves, sweaters, mittens, cozies
Motivation - enjoy the process of knitting or the end result

Defining what type of knitter you are ranks up there with using your Starbucks order to define yourself. Grande, half caf, skim, light, cappicino vs Tall caramel latte. (Thank you "You've got mail" for that analogy.) Personally the way I like my coffee to have a hint of coffee flavor over the milk and sugar. Yeah I gave up sugar in my tea I will not sacrifice sugar in my coffee.

I am a top down, bamboo DPN wielding, wool sock knitting machine. I enjoy the process but love the results. I knit because I will have something to show for it in the end.

Hi my name is Yarnkettle, I'm a knitter. Just hand me some sticks and string and no one will get hurt.

That is part of the way I define myself.

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