Sunday, July 26, 2009

Like I need an excuse to take Benadryl

My body is out to get me, I think. D and I went to the drive in on Friday night to see the new Harry Potter movie. It rained a little bit so that made viewing a little difficult. We had both read the books so we were able to track what was going on fairly well.

At some point in time my foot begins to itch. I am notorious for how bug bites get to me. If I have an itch I scratch it. Yes I know it is wrong, but it is what I do. We get home after the movie and I use one of my now favorite products. Cortisone cream to relieve the itching. I notice at that time my big toe looks a little inflamed, but I thought it was just because I had been scratching it. Off to bed we go with me thinking the Cortisone will cure what ails me. At 4 am I am proved wrong. Now the swelling has moved up to the whole top of my foot. I ice it, take Benadryl and Motrin and back to bed. A couple of times in my sleep that foot twitches, and let me tell you that swollen and twitchy do not mix.

By nine am it is really not better and even more tender, so off to Urgent Care for me. Doctor thinks it is a spider bite and after looking at it today I agree. So it turns out I was doing all things correct just not in a high enough dose to really help. He did put me on an antibiotic also to keep away any other complications. Who knows where that spider had been and when he had last washed his little spider hands. I bet he does not wash behind his little spider ears either. Filthy little bugger!

So it is back to the highly caffeinated world for me to counter act Benadryl it makes me so sleepy. This always makes work interesting for me. Think my co workers will be willing to make random loud noises to wake me up throughout the day?

And now I give you a picture of what one of my friends called a ham hock.

You can really see it from the side. Doesn't it remind you of Fred Flintstone feet? Try shoving that puppy into a shoe, and I don't have what I would call dainty feet to begin with either.

And now a shot of it encased in my latest finished socks. I thought what the heck I might as well get a picture of the new socks while I am out here.

Pretty aren't they? See how hand knit socks make feet more attractive?

Oh by the way it is better today but I might ask to run around in socks on Monday. Shoes make swollen foot angry and you won't like when swollen foot is angry.

Don't worry I made tea and scones for the Hubby, he did not have to go without.

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  1. Who knows maybe the spider doesn't even wash his vegetables after bringing them home from the store. Gross!!