Monday, July 20, 2009

Two of my favorite things

This is how we usually start out the weekend at my house. Tea and scones. I don't think it is a traditional English breakfast. I've had a couple of those now and I'm still surprised they get anything done before noon.

The big morning discussion in our house is what type of scone and what type of tea. I have tried putting muffins into the rotation but Hubby loves the scones and so do I. I usually bake a pan of muffins and freeze them so I can grab and go during the week.

I especially love the apricot or cherry scones while D is on a cranberry-orange kick currently. I will be trying one of these days a combined cherry-apricot scone but I'm still afraid of too much of a good thing will spoil it.

Don't you just love the tea cozy we picked up on our vacation to Maine a couple of years ago? What says tea time like moose, bears and buffalo?

The tea is usually Lapsang Souchong. That is the tea that I can thank for turning D into a tea drinker. I had talked him into going to "this tea place" in Millerton NY. We tried a couple of teas, by we I mean me, and while I was calculating how much I could buy without ticking him off, I checked in on him. He had found this one all on his own and had them brewing it up to try. I do believe I said a little prayer in that moment that went something like, please God let him like this one, and he did. Let me tell you I made sure that one made it into the basket. We must encourage tea love in all it's forms. We have since recommended it to five or more couples with them liking it.

We have tried many of the other teas but I think this one will always be in first or second place. The added bonus for me was when we went to England I knew I could talk him into taking tea with me.

We had a lovely time at The Orangery at Kensington Palace. D says that is his favorite picture of me from the trip. I do look pretty happy, but come on I had spent four days in London by then what was there not to be happy about. Plus do you see the food? Crusts cut off and everything I live like a Queen, OK maybe I live like a Brit.
This was the view from outside. Remember this was in January. I can't remember seeing South Dakota that green in May. England what is there not to love?

Thanks for the trip Honey, when can we go back?

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