Friday, July 3, 2009

A general update of me

I learned a new heel for my socks. This is a short row heel. I'm still not sure if I like it but I must do at least one more, for the other sock of course.

Youtube is an amazing thing. I kept reading the directions for this heel and could not understand it. I watch a couple of videos on youtube and I am off and running. To bad I was off and running in the wrong direction. I did not get very far before I realized there was a mistake and worked back to me starting point. I watched the video again and was off yet again this time in the right direction.

So one new thing learned this summer. Now I can mark that off my never ending ways to improve myself list. Sometimes I improve myself in small ways sometimes in big ways, sometimes I just think I improve myself, ha.

Oh I finished reading "The Princess Bride" today also. The movie was fairly true to the book. Mostly it was shortening the story for time in the movie. I don't think I like the author commenting on everything. Maybe because he seemed rather snarky to me.

I was suffering from a migraine this week so Crime and Punishment was turned off in the car the past couple of days, so no progress in that area.

I have always been a person that can read multiple books at the same time. Well not at the same time exactly, but I usually have one story going at home, one story at work for lunchtime and recently one audio one going in the car as I travel. My sister thought it was weird as we were growing up but I think she does the same thing now that she waits for my nephew at soccer games. My poor sister had to share a room with me while we were growing up. We are very unlike each other especially during that time. Now my nephew has a lot of my personality traits. I do believe that is ironic. She waited so long to be able to move away from her annoying little sister only to have a kid very reminiscent. And that is why I know God has a wicked sense of humor.

Happy day before the fourth of July everybody!

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