Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Books I thought I could not read

Do you know that feeling you get when you look at something and think I could never do that? I think that about some books. I am at my core a light hearted reader. I feel things way to much. I empathize to the max. I don't like dark, troubling books. I also don't like books that make me think too hard. No Laughing! I mean I don't get artsy, philosophical books. Yes, dear author you know 16 different ways to say the same thing and wow, you used all of them in this one paragraph. I would like to see the story progress now!

I always thought of classic books in this way. To difficult for my simple farm girl brain to handle. I thought that till I read Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. It was a romance novel for thinking people. It had difficult language and foreign out dated customs to think about, but it had a happy ending to make my heart happy.

I so love happy endings to books. I guess I always thought classic books must have sad endings. I'm not sure where or when I came up with that, I just did. So that colored my perceptions of classic books.

I fell in love with Jane Austen after that. I think I have read all but her unfinished books. I think Pride and Prejudice is still my favorite. Who does not love Mr. Darcy's fight against himself?

The thought occurred to me that I might like other classics. I attempted a couple but did not put my all into it. D started to read Count of Monte Cristo and raved about it. So I thought what the heck I can slug through it for him, at least we would have something to talk about. I fell in love with the first part then bam, my story disappears and the author introduces new characters. What the heck? I want my people back, I love them not these new people, I don't know them and now I don't want to. D assured me that the old characters would come back and I would be happy just give it two more chapters. So I went back to reading, grumbling the whole time. Well it turns out to be true, the old ones mesh with the new ones the story goes on and I am better for having taken that journey. Man, I love that book!

Crime and Punishment is in the same category. D picked it out and read it, I did not want to read it. Now I am up to part 2 and am slightly mesmerized by the story. It is dark, depressing and violent. Much of the action takes place in the main character's head. So I'm learning to appreciate a different style of book. I can not say enough about the audio version I have from my library. Anthony Heald performs the book. I had difficulty in reading the book, it seemed to all sound alike in my head. Anthony seems to bring it all into focus for me.

Of course this means the next book for me will be Anna Karenina, since the hubby has read that one and recommends it. Sigh, who would have thought this little South Dakotan farm girl would be reading Russian literature in New York. I never would have believed it if you had told me then, of course the most unbelievable thing for me would have been that I left SD and did not move to Texas.

Thanks for the book love Hubby of mine!

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  1. Nice post, but really it is not my fault. I work for a Russian :) When you finish these I think the next heavy literature project should be flipping thru a collection of cheezburger pictures!