Sunday, March 11, 2012

Socks for D

D has clearly learned the awesomeness that is known in our house as hand knit socks. So after many comments of appreciation for said socks he has earned more, well that and buying me sock yarn for Christmas helps. 

First up we have socks made from the Christmas yarn Lang Yarns Jawoll Color. The lady at the yarn store asked him if he was buying it so I could make socks for him. He answered no but since his favorite pair is remarkably similar to these, I took the knitter's prerogative and decided they were indeed for him. These are color 132.0321. Don't they totally look like 132.0321? Can you tell I still have a problem with numbered colorways?

I did run into a bit of a snag though, I made the leg a bit longer than I used to and ran short on yarn. To avoid an odd ball toe like the one on his first pair of socks I got smart. When it occurred to me that I may run short while knitting the first sock I started to weigh both the sock in progress and the remaining yarn ball. I stopped the first sock at the toe with just a bit under half of the yarn used and knit the second sock to the toe also. I rummaged through my bag of leftover sock yarn and came up with a bit of Opal sock yarn I had used for another pair of D socks. Don't the toes look like they belong with these socks? I am so stinking proud of myself I may just burst. I love it when a plan comes together!

Second we move onto the funky socks. I bought this yarn on a lark at Rhinebeck, it is totally out of character for me and I love it! While I was knitting it D kept commenting the same thing I was thinking, that is a really great color. Finally I decided that while I had many socks, funky colored and not as funky colored, D had only plain manly colored socks. They are mostly blues, browns and greys. So I changed over and made these for him.

When I asked him to show them off at a Christmas party he proudly did so. And every time he puts them on he smiles a little bit more. Guess we all know who will be getting more socks out of the sock knitting machine that is my hands.

Happy socks everybody needs at least one pair. Wear them with pride Hubby because I knit them with love.


  1. LOL! I love 132.0321! It's the colourway of my dreams! Your hubby is a lucky guy. I have yet to decide if my hubby is knitworthy yet, since he rejected a hat I made for him years ago. Maybe socks might have to be the way to go.

    1. I did start him out on socks but then he likes his sweaters too. The nice thing about socks is that you wear them everyday, so easy to keep the knitting goodness near you!

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