Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Deep Thoughts - Or Not

I've been thinking about a name for my spindle, how about Ipswich? It is a town in South Dakota and England. I've always liked the word. Plus I could call her Ipsie and we know she switches the way she spins. Am I working too hard at naming an inanimate object?

On the bonus side I finished a pair of socks for D. I think he is finally getting the hand knit sock thing. I think his first love will always be my sweaters but it is much easier to feel the knitterly vibe in a pair of socks in July rather than a sweater. When I first started knitting socks people said once you have hand knit you never want store bought again. When I had a measly two pair, I liked them but I didn't stay up late making more till I no longer had to wear store bought anymore. I slowly added more and more. Then suddenly I did not have to do laundry every week in order to have fresh hand knit socks. I had more than a weeks worth. And one day I put on an old store bought pair. I was walking around the house wondering why the floor was so cold. It was the same temperature it always was, the pathetic cotton socks did not insulate as well as my woolie wonders. I threw those socks out and never looked back. Now D will eventually make the leap to not having to wait on laundry to have a pair of knit socks and he will be happy too. (At least I hope he will be.)

I am also headed for home on my pair of socks made from my first sock yarn club yarn. They're going to be beautiful, but hey I know I am biased. I am already looking at my yarn stash lovingly trying to figure out who will be next.

So we all know this means a bout of startitis is headed for me. I'm trying to figure out what decorative pattern to make but nothing is calling out to me. How can that be? It must be because I started working on my marathon stocking again. You remember, I'm making German Stocking by Cookie A and am having an on again off again relationship with it. Much like my real life relationship with exercise. Anyways I am 5 inches into the second smaller cuff and it is time to try it on and compare the differences. I hope this one works because I am getting sick of reworking the same area over and over. But that is what I need to do in order to get it right. I really want these to work out and fit, so we must keep knitting.

On the humorous story front D was talking to a former coworker that knows me and occasionally reads my blog. She said to him that Knitting is really her thing. No really her thing. There are hobbies then there are obsessions, I lean to the obsession side in this one area. I'm thinking of having T-shirts made that say Knitting is really my thing. Maybe I should just change the blog title...


  1. KIRMT - Kermit - your new spindle name :-D. Or maybe she'd take it as a insult...maybe need to re-think ;-).

    I'm getting ready to spin for my first pair of handspun/handknit socks. Sock knitting is really NOT my thing, but I'm hoping with handspun I'll be more inspired.

    1. You know if you ever need someone to test knit some socks out of your precious hand spun yarn.... You know who to call.
      No it is more fun to turn others into rabid sock knitters like me.