Thursday, March 15, 2012

Melting down

Work has been a bit of a challenge lately and apparently I hit the end of my rope Tuesday night. No wait, in order to set the scene I need to tell you how I make dinner and my lovely Mother in Law makes dinner.

We will start with my lovely Mother in Law's tale first. When D was growing up his mother was very organized lady who worked from home. She would have a plan for dinner in place and the meat defrosting in the morning. This happened all the time. She also kept dinner hot when D's dad was late. Which was often since he worked very long hours. It is like dinner happened by magic, magic called planning.

I rarely defrost things other than turkey. Most of my dinners defrost in the frying pan while they're cooking. I am not saying it is a bad style, just my style. I do admit it makes meatloaf very difficult, which explains why we have meatloaf so rarely or only with meat fresh from the store.

When we were first married D would come home and ask what was for dinner my usual response was I don't know what would you like? Not because I was being polite but because some nights I was looking for an idea. When he asked his Mom the same question as a kid he always got an answer.

Tuesday I get home from my second challenging work day in a row, late because I had a hair appointment and realized I have no clue what to make for dinner. Now keep in mind some of my best meals have come about under situations like this. I am creative under pressure and I usually get creative in a tasty way. But that night? Nope!

I search the freezer, the pantry and the refrigerator, the only thing I come up with is a bag of mixed vegetables. Now don't get worried we had food but I had a blank mind on how to turn it into dinner. At this point D realizes I'm drawing a blank.

Spaghetti? I know it is not your favorite but.....

No, I don't want spaghetti.

I'll change my clothes and we can go to the new pizza place.

No it is too expensive!

This is the point I realize I am past the point of being logical. D suggested we try a new pizza place, not the newest five star restaurant. Was I planning on feeding an entourage? We save our money we could surely afford to go out to dinner that night. I stepped back a minute and thought about what I had said and the tone which I had said it. Complete frustration. I was not frustrated with him but myself for feeling unprepared.

After I apologized, we walked over to a salad place and had a nice healthy salad without the side of frustration. I chose a side of let it go instead. I also thanked him for understanding how difficult planning dinner can be sometimes. (Or not planning as the case maybe.)

The best part was he picked up something new the next night from the grocery store all on his own without being asked. I got home and there was something to make for dinner, which we did together. It is nice to be listened to and understood.


  1. It's sweet that he understood. It's also good that you had the presence of mind to figure out what the problem was and to apologize. I'm afraid I'm not that good at that when I am frustrated. I hope things are better at work soon.

    1. Yes he was quite sweet to me, thank goodness or it was working its way to being a big fight.