Thursday, March 22, 2012

Last of the spoilers

My Sweetgeorgia sock yarn club ended with this month's shipment. Then I realized I had not yet told ya'll about my February shipment, how could that be? You and I both know I love talking about yarn.

It is named My Funny Valentine in the yarn base Silk Crush, which is a 50/50 blend of superwash merino and silk. The silk really gives it a sheen. It's 375 yds of silk and wool.

I've got to be honest while this is a beautiful yarn, I am a bit disappointed to get a blend that is not recommended for socks. Don't worry I'm sure I will enjoy knitting a beautiful shawl or cowl instead, but you know I am a sock knitter first. Any of you shawl people have any pattern recommendations? 

March's yarn I could not be more in love with, although D is not a big fan. I believe he used the word 'weird.' What can I say he is married to a yarnista but he still has not met the requirements himself. I'm not even sure I want him to be a yarnista then he would want to share the stash and I can not have that. I am the youngest of three kids I don't share as well as I should. 

What is that you say? Get back to the yarn. Oh yeah. This is the yarn I was hoping to get, Tough Love Sock, 80/20 superwash wool/nylon blend. The colorway Spring Garden reminds me of what it was intended to, Crocus flowers in the spring.

So what did I learn from having a yarn club card? I enjoyed it. I liked the anticipation of the order each month, what yarn base would it be, what colors? I would say the surprise is a major draw of the club thing. I did end up liking all the colors I received but would I have truly hated any colors? It was fun to try something new.

On the flip side I don't know if I will ever do another one. But then again I am already doing multiple things that I never though I would so who can say? Anyways I think shopping at fiber festivals and yarn stores is good enough for me. I will just occasionally chose something out of the ordinary and think of it as a club purchase, the Yarnkettle random club.


  1. So beautiful. If you hear a thump and an "Oh crap!" tonight, don't worry. I'm just stealing your yarn.

    1. Remember I have guard cats and they like the stash almost as much as me.