Saturday, March 31, 2012

Meet the Chuckster

I am the Chuckster and it does not make Gus love me more. Gus does not take pills as well as he could but I do recognize it could be worse. Mostly because we have been through the worse stage. It usually involves quite a bit of me alternating between swearing and begging.

We've been giving Gus nightly pills for four months now. We call it pill chucking because that is really the action we're going for. Some nights are better than others. Tonight was a good night, we got it down in one shot. A couple of nights ago it took four tries with short intervals between to dry out the pill so it does not stick to my fingers. See I am learning!

I have also learned that both of us being relaxed and calm before hand helps. If we bring stress into that situation it only leads to frustration. Angry looks and bleeding fingers are not cool. Not cool at all.

Greenies cat treats are a great way to make sure the pill goes down and cleans out the pill taste from his mouth. Well I don't know about the pill taste I can only assume that one. But sending food down the esophagus will help keep a pill down I think. Plus who does not like a spoon full of sugar to make the medicine go down. (Now you will all be humming that song tomorrow, you're welcome.)

Fur rubbing helps but only if I don't get too needy. He is still Gus and does not fall for all that lovey dovey stuff. Unless he is want to then it is still on his time table.

I think the pill is helping and he knows it because he does not even bother to run and hide from me if the first chuck does not take. Now he just sits and looks at me like "You want to get it right this time woman?"

I am telling you Greenies help. I wonder if they make Greenies for humans? Oh right we call they Kit Kat in my house.

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