Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kindle cover

My poor Kindle has been running around town in my purse wrapped only in a kitchen towel. I neglected to buy a case because I thought what other knitters thought while looking at their Kindles...I can knit a cozy for that. I've knit cozies for tea cups, tea pots and even for a grenade shaped gear shifter. Yes you read that last one right. I know some interesting people.

Anyways my naked Kindle has not see my knitterly love, till now. I finally finished its new cover, and I am using it to fly my I'm-a-geek flag. I present to you my mostly done TARDIS Kindle cover. 

The TARDIS is a fantastic 'character' from the British television series Doctor Who. Kisknit got me started watching and now I feel the need to tell others that I watch by my cozy.

It makes me smile and really that is the mark of a good cozy. I still have to add some details but I think I am downright cool! In a geeky goofy kind of way but still cool.

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