Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'm still knitting

I've been sick so I have not had the energy to talk to you in a while. I've got a cough that will not quit and I've been forced to sleep on the couch to keep myself from rolling over to a trigger position for the cough. While I like couch sleeping, it is like a vacation, sooner or later you just want to be home in your own bed. I'm so bad that the Kitties won't sleep with me because I shake them up. Poor me. And now on to the yarny stuff.

I have my first bump of fiber spun on my spindle, now I need to figure out how to divide and ply it then officially turn it into yarn by washing it and setting the twist. I have a feeling that it is way over spun but that is better than being under spun. Well at least from the sources that I've read so far over is better than under when spinning.

I don't plan on my first yarn being usable for anything other than reference. I would like to try spinning some of the brown fiber next. Is it weird that I am excited that I can now participate in Tour de Fleece this year?

D's current sock in progress
I did manage to work on some things when the coughing subsided. I've got my standard sock for me and a sock for D on the needles. I find myself wanting to cast on a more complex sock now too, but then I remember I am still not working on my marathon stocking. I keep thinking that the sock will be too big so I put it on hold and cast on the other sock in a smaller size. I want to get them to the same point (4 inches long) and try them both on. That should give me a better idea. 

My current sock in progress from SweetGeorgia yarn.

I pulled out my Wild Apple sweater and decided to fight my second sleeve syndrome by knitting a sleeve, then the body, then the other sleeve. Sounds like a plan right? I placed a cable running down the sleeve so it is taking a bit more time than just knitting round and round. I do so love the look of a cable but I would like to to be able to knit them faster. Oh well as long as I knit them correctly and it does not take a year to make them it is all good right?

I never knew how hard it is to photograph a yarn cable before. While it is proving elusive it looks great in real life. I do think I'm going to love this sweater with my whole heart. I'm just hoping I get it done before July because I know I'm wearing it when I finish it regardless of the date.

Oh yeah we have decided to keep the snowman in the freezer till July also. Is it wrong that I want to have a summer party and place him on the doorstep? 


  1. On the plying of your first bit of spinning, look up Andean Plying or ball it into a centre pull ball and ply from both ends.

    The knitting looks great!

    I hope you feel better!

    1. Thanks for the suggestions. I thought I was going to have to split it into two balls on old knitting needle shoebox, make do lazy kate.
      I am really enjoying the Wild Apple Hill Farm yarn too, thanks for that recommendation too. I am learning to love rugged/rustic yarn.