Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Dang you winter you got me again. Instead of staying home, knitting and making bread I had to go to work. I know what a bummer. Thank God I have a job, it certainly comes in handy when I want to do some stash enhancement.

My knitting is in a bit of a winter hum-drum too. I find when I am hum-drum I usually find nothing all that attention grabbing so I usually have lots of things on the needles. Sorry no current pictures because my lighting is still having its winter feelings too.

First I am working on a sock that I started in September 2010 but dropped off the knitting radar for a couple of months. Then because it kept mocking me when I went on Ravelry, I picked it up. Embossed Leaves sock in Knitpicks Stroll in Forest Heather color. I managed to finish the first sock and have the cuff finished on the second one, but my fingers are faltering.

My second subconscious avoidance project is my CPH sweater. I am just not seeing how this one is going to come together and have hit the wall of 'what if it does not work?' The simple time proven solution is that I will reknit it and I will eventually make it work but I do not seem to be to the 'just do it the first time and make your mistakes' phase. Since I have class next week I will need to get my bum in gear and just get it done.

My third problem child is my wavy cables socks, I am of the firm opinion that the current project will not work for me and I need to frog and start over with bigger needles. Why can't I just make it work the way it does in my head? Alas

Fourth is my 'hmm I wonder what this yarn will look like knit up?' phase of desperation. Now the yarn is pooling funny and I don't think it is going to work. Off to the send it back pile with you.

Fifth is working for me as I have one completed sock but the colors are not what I imagined them to be. So even though the colors are bright enough to bring me out of my funk, I am just not going along with the ride.

See what I mean I am in a winter blah. Soon spring will have sprung and my knitting and I will be in love again. Ah renewed love, come visit me soon OK?


  1. I have yet to return a skein of yarn... I'm too stubborn and protective of my stash. What yarn is it?

  2. I have a similar thing happen to me in the winter. While winter weather is great for quilting, there's times when I just get "blah" and cannot get myself to do any quilting. I think the warm temps last weekend and actually see a little bit of grass helped, so I feel slightly more motivated now.

  3. Adriene, You mean #4 right? I meant back into my stash pile not the store pile, I'm not that cruel. The yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts - Socks that Rock in the Drusilla colorway. I just need to tweak it enough to correct the pooling.

    Sarah, I thought maybe it was a yarnie thing. Your fabric does not inspire you sometimes too? Wow!