Sunday, March 27, 2011

Working on a sweater

I think my CPH sweater may be trying to do me in. I've never knit a sweater in pieces before and honestly it feels all wrong. I feel like the pieces will never work out right. Don't worry I'm resisting the feelings but they are there.

We started seeming the sleeve in class the other night and it looks like it will work out. I can now mattress stitch. Yay me.

I've ripped back the back twice now and reknit. Somehow I am not keeping track of my rows very well. I had a couple of short cables. Sort of drove me a bit batty. I made the first attempt at waist shaping last night. We shall see how it works out. It should be a wee tuck.

I think I will take out what little seeming I did in class the other night and give the sleeve a good blocking. I seemed to have a harder time stitching because it was not properly blocked. I started the other sleeve but quickly realized I would need the larger needle and that was what I was using on the back still.

So now I have a sleeve, a sleeve cuff and a third of a back. Well at least I'm working on it.


  1. Even though today is cold, the sun is out shining and it makes me think of warmer weather.... With quilting, I find I do less in the summer when its warm. Does the same thing happen to knitters? Or do you just switch to smaller things like socks?

  2. The same thing happens to this knitter somewhat. I usually work on socks all year long but tend to switch to lighter yarns or fibers that are less wool and more nylon or soysilk. It is hard to work on a big sweater that sits in my lap in 80 degree weather, or fluffy yarn that sticks to sweaty hands.
    So yeah I adjust for the season, but never seem to quit all together. Which is how I want it. You know what I mean?