Thursday, March 31, 2011

Where are they now?

When I started knitting I did what many people start out doing. I knit for my family and friends. My Mom, Mother in Law and coworkers all received scarves. Basically the same scarf in a few different colors, same free pattern and same brand and style yarn. They seemed to appreciate the scarves. Mom especially, but maybe I just recognize my own mother's gratitude more than in other people. So when Mom's house burned down with the scarf in it I sent her mine. Truth was I did not really like mine but I would have done it all the same if I had loved it.

So on to today's true object. D's grandmother was a very classy proper lady. She was always well put together and dignified. She was of course active in her Red Hat Society. When I found out she was wearing plastic red hats because her head was petite, I set out to change that in the winter time at least.

I made a felted bowler type hat, and placed a purple ribbon around it. I wrapped it carefully and sent it along with our other Christmas presents home. We were not able to be home that Christmas so I was not there to see her reaction to it. But in the photo I was sent it is definitely not thrilled, or at least that is what I took the expression to be.

That was the first time I thought my knitting may not be as wonderful of a gift idea as I thought it was. Now I have now way of knowing if that was true or not. It could have been that she was a bit tired that day or that someone said something off color and she was reacting to that when the photo was taken. I don't know and I was never going to ask.

I started to be a bit more selective and knit for others only at their request. I want my knitting to be special for both of us. And I want to know it is something they would like.

When Grandma passed away last year the family choose to display my hat with other mementos. I remember giving it a little pat as I walked by. D's very thoughtful aunt posed the question would I like the hat back? A few months later the hat made its way back to our house, complete with a couple of her red hat pins. Since one of those pins was an angel we choose to use the hat as our Christmas tree topper. Yes we know we are odd but it works for us.

Now it is back with the rest of my wool enjoying its retirement. Till I need it, I am so going to be a Red Hat Lady if I make it that long!


  1. I find it very difficult these days to bring myself to knit for anyone but myself. I think we view the objects we make as precious treasures, but they are rarely received as such by non-knitters, and that really bothers me. I suppose I could do more to educate people about it, but I'm afraid I'm far too selfish with my time to do that. I know how you feel about the hat situation, but I'm sure she liked it more than you think, especially because it was from you!

  2. I'm sure she did like it, but that was my first oh no moment. And I remember it crisply because of that. Oh well at least D appreciates my woolies.