Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tidy mind and tidy stitches

I do not consider myself a tidy person. I don't consider myself the messiest person either but I do lean more to the mess side. OK way more to the mess side of the equation. I am not neat unless it is a pile of papers.

I have my quirks, I like my knitting to be in the same general area. I don't keep track of my stash yet because I don't yet have more than I can remember acquiring. So mostly it lives on my living room half wall, or as we call it the wool wall. Of course this would be easier if Big G did not think that Mom needs wool in every room. He brings it to us in the night and the day. I think he wants Dad to be a knitter too. (D tried it and knitting did not take with him, more yarn for me.)

The one organized thing I have done since almost the beginning is keep a knitting journal. I list all my purchases: yarn, supplies and classes. Most of my projects are in it too. It contains my knitting life. I like having a paper record of what I have learned and done, as well as the wool records I created.

With my journal I can see how my preferences change. What I liked and what I did not like. How I don't work on projects that I don't understand.

Sometimes I get a bit behind in making entries into the journal. I figure somethings don't really matter, like when exactly when I started the second sleeve, Monday or Tuesday. I mostly concentrate on things that could be of use to me at a later date. How long it takes me to complete a project (start and end dates), gauge (Needle and yarn combo), what I would do differently. I try to put it all in there even if I don't organize it as well as I should.

So when I to get behind I use my blog as a sort of timeline for forgotten things. Oh and Ravelry too. So between the blog, the journal and Ravelry I mostly have my knitting sorted out well enough for me to continue doing what I love. Knit On.

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