Monday, March 28, 2011

Tale of two yarns

So this is the start of knitting blog week. Today's topic two yarns. What do you love or loathe?

My two yarns to contrast are sock yarns. Shocker I know. My love is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock (STR).

I tend to make a basic stockinette sock. I think it is the most useful even if it is not the most exciting sock out there. And I like to just go round and round without having to keep track of any pattern. So having yarn that makes the simple look fancy is great.

It looks pretty when it is in the skein and on the foot. The above turned into the below with just a bit of help from me.

It is the only yarn I've bought on vacation and had it wound in the store to start a project. I still think of Oregon when I see D wear his Chestnutty socks.

But oddly enough it is not the color that keeps me coming back again and again to this yarn, it is the tight wind and the toughness that I truly love. STR socks are my go-to socks in the winter. My feet have the best chance of staying warm with socks made from this yarn. Some of my first socks are STR socks and they are just starting to feel a bit thin on the ball of the foot. That is 3+ years of wear. I have much younger socks that wore through.

My yarn that I did not love as much as I thought I would is not a specific brand but a type of yarn that does not agree with my knitting style. I am hard pressed to knit with a single ply sock yarn again. What draws me in to this style of yarn is the long color runs. They turn out stunning socks.

I have a pair of short socks in purple that I fought to completion. The yarn split, unwound itself and messed with me the whole knitting time. I knew I was in trouble when I made a 2 inch cuff on the first sock so I could get done with it quicker. I think I took a four month hiatus between socks. Usually I cast on the second sock just after I bind off the first one. No second sock syndrome for me, usually. Although the Zauerball socks worked out OK.

I did find the Zauerball to be a bit easier as evidenced by the length of the socks. I learned how to compensate for different fiber or twist. So maybe I will try this type again, as long as I remember the lessons I've learned. I know the color works for me, and the socks seem to be holding up as well.


  1. I didn't realize that Zauberball was a single ply yarn. It's probably for the best that you knit in stockinette with it... it would probably be a nightmare to try to work any cables with it! Your posts always tempt me into the world of sock-knitting...

  2. I think some of the Zauerballs are multiple plies. Mine was a single. Oh and cables in that would have crippled me I think. I don't think my hands or my needles could have managed cables. Remember the world of sock knitting has warm feet :)