Monday, February 28, 2011

I make bread

I've been experimenting with bread making over the last year or so.  I started with making the dough in the bread machine and shaping and baking in the oven. Then my bread machine went kaput.

I thought they looked good and I know they tasted fine! Then I went on to making dough for pizza too.

Turns out my favorite toppings are chicken, onions, and green peppers. Can you tell I lean more to the Chicago style rather than the thin NY style pizza.

I discovered cheese as a bread topper. Man do I love cheese on almost everything.

More recently I've been experimenting with a different style of bread. Instead of mixing everything and letting it rise a couple of times, you mix the liquids and part of the flour and yeast, cover it with the rest of the flour and yeast mixed and let it develop for a few hours. The liquid portion bubbles up through the flour layer. It feels a bit like chemistry class, although I don't remember baking bread in chem. lab.

The theory behind this method is that the flavor develops more. Now the first time I made this type of bread it took all day! Now it is not like I was in the kitchen working all day, but I did not feel like I could make other plans while making this. Every few hours it wants your attention.

As you noticed there are no photos of the bread. Hmm I wonder why?

I'm looking forward to making more. And we discovered last night my bread makes excellent garlic toast too. I wonder if I can make good French toast too?


  1. That last photo is interesting! Does that mean that you just have to mix it up one more time before you pop it in the oven, or do you have to let it rise again?

  2. You mix it and let it rise at warm room temperature with a couple of easy kneads at about 1-2 hour intervals. It is definitely an all day bread.