Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I made bread

Ok does anyone else think that I should add bread making to my title list? Sorry it is long enough as is so I think I will keep it the same. This is the continuation of the Bread in Five Minutes a day from my last post.

This was after the dough sat for two hours at room temperature. I was worried that it would not do anything, but it did! It filled half of the 3 quart container. Bubbly doughy goodness.

The book recommends that you refrigerate the dough for three hours, to make it easier to handle. The unrefrigerated dough was quite ooozy. Yes I think ooozy is a real word.

I cut off a grapefruit size chunk and let it rise as directed.

It did not rise as much as I hoped, but I baked it anyways.  It does make a very cute little loaf.

I did what all bread books tell you not to do.......I cut the loaf while it was still hot. I smeared on butter and ginger preserves. No picture because I do not allow myself to operate the camera when jelly is in the room. Oh and by the way ginger preserves are a good thing. I felt a bit Scottish at the store and wanted to try something new.

So the verdict, while I enjoyed making bread a different way and I look forward to baking the second loaf, it was a bit flavorless to me. D thought it was fine but I found it lacking. I am hoping the dough still in the refrigerator will develop more and make a more flavorful loaf.

I do think the method deserves a second go around with another recipe. I'll let you know how it all turns out.


  1. Oooo, my mouth is watering at the thought of warm bread, fresh from the oven. I'm wondering if the lack of flavour is related to the recipe itself: is there any salt in it? I've made artisan-style bread that was waaaaay too salty, but maybe this one has less. Or maybe this would be good with a piece of cheese... and wine. ;)

  2. It does have salt,but it is a basic dough: water, yeast, salt and flour. It had a great soft moist texture and was great with jam, but on its own it did not have 'soul' if you know what I mean. It just makes me want to make bread both ways, one for flavor and the other for texture.