Monday, January 31, 2011

Home cooking and another sweater

So this is what Brrrr looks like on the inside of our house. I made the roast with veggies and gravy. Can you see the steam rising from the plates? I went to sit down and it looked so cool hot that I had to take a picture for you.

The other night I made another one of my cold weather go-to meals. This is cheesy hamburger stew or as we used to call it can casserole. In the past I used canned vegetables instead of frozen ones. I think I like this dish more than D but he seems to see the point of it when it is really cold outside.

I've been working on my oops sweater to see if I can finally finish it. I thought I was running out of yarn so it was consigned to time out. I bought two colors (because I am indecisive). I was trying to figure out which color to use so I was going to put it to a vote here. But it turns out I am also impatient, because I knit to the correct length with the remaining blue yarn then I added in the red yarn. Then I knit for a bit more and added in the gold yarn.

See what I mean about hard choices sometimes you just suck it up and use both of them. I will show you results when I get it done. Soon D will be very happy to have another sweater, and I can start on my Central Park Hoodie with no UFO (UnFinished Object) guilt. Oh happy knitting day.


  1. Assuming we have class. :(

  2. We will have class ...sometime :) Guess I am to blame as I have not yet washed my swatch and clearly needed more time to do so. Sorry I brought this snowstorm upon us.