Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow day

So I think winter finally got me. 

Work let us off early on Tuesday to avoid traffic troubles, hopefully. I made a quick trip to the grocery store since it is only a block away from my house. I wanted to get some things so I could cook on my snow day, Wednesday.

So I pull up facing my driveway with food in the trunk and I see way too much snow plowed in the end of the driveway and proceeded to have a conversation with myself. "I can make it to the garage, No I will get stuck, I can make it" then my car screamed at me Nooooooooo, I will get stuck and it will take way longer to dig me out! Remember the food in the trunk. 

I trudged my way to the garage on foot and fired up the snow thrower. No matter what way I turned the chute, snow flew at me. It took me a bit to realize it was forming a snow helmet. Man, snow helmets are cold!

This is what I am referring to as the never ending sweater, with Gus giving his opinion. Turns out he did not like it just about the same amount as his Daddy. 

D did not like the gold stripes so I am re knitting again. I will be so happy when I finish this sweater! No really, words can not describe how much I want it done! Why do you mock me?

This is what bread looks like when you make it the long way. It did taste good. One loaf went to work with me and was consumed there and the other was consumed at home with chicken spaghetti. Took 9 hours from start to pulling it out of the oven. Most of the time was waiting for the bread to do its thing but still that is what I call slow bread, or in this case snow day bread.

Oh and my first Central Park Hoodie class was canceled due to road conditions. I would like to start on something else now. Maybe I should just go work on one of my four in progress socks instead. I need to finish something soon!

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