Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I admit it

OK I admit it, I may be a bad influence. I contacted Kisknit to ask her opinion on which classes to take, because Anne Hanson and Cookie A are coming to a yarn shop near me. Well not really to the yarn shop but because of the yarn shop. They will each be teaching three classes.

Unfortunately, or fortunately for my bank account, they are all held the same weekend. So I needed to be selective, how to decide? I called my KS (Knitting Soulmate) and asked her what she would take. True to form she picked the one class I was 90% sure I would take, and another class I wanted to but could not make up my mind on.

Once she confirmed for me what I really wanted by choosing it herself, I pulled out the card and paid my fees. I may have sent an email and said that the classes were filling fast, but that part is still a bit hazy as my moral compass was spinning rather fast. Is it wrong to encourage your friends to take more than one knitting class in a month? On a scale of 1 to 10 how bad am I?


  1. Downright naughty - exactly how I like you.......

  2. Evil! I wish I could join you at the classes, but too many classes all on top of each other. Please be evil again in a few months!

  3. @kisknit whew I was worried I had used up all my friend points in a few days. I would have loved it if you could have come but I really wanted you to help me choose and justify my choices. Thanks again.

  4. I've already talked two friends of mine into taking a yarn dyeing class at at fibre festival this June! Good thing that registration doesn't open until March, because I'll need until then to get the money together for it! We've already discussed the need to go to the festival on two different days to make sure we get enough time to peruse the merchant stalls...

    The card I sent you was returned last week with a message: "undeliverable to this address" and the town and zip code scratched out. Weird.

  5. @ Adriene festivals are so much fun! Have fun with your dying and be sure to post on your blog so I can see the results!
    I kept hoping your card would show up. Do you think you can send me a picture of it so I can ask the post office what happened? I really want to know why it did not make it here. Sorry that I wasted your postage and effort. Bummer

  6. Nah, no worries. These things happen. I'll try to remember to take a photo and email it to you. If I can figure out why it went wrong, I'll try to send it again. We'll call it an Easter card!