Sunday, January 23, 2011


Yep it is officially winter here in NY. We've had snow, more snow, and oh guess what, even more snow. I don't think we've received as much as the city but it is coming down even now. These pictures were taken during the first or second round of snow. So that has all compressed and been added to again.

I love snow, it makes the world so much prettier. But the end of my driveway is screaming UNCLE! The plows come through many times which is good until you realize that you need to go dig out the end of the driveway again. 

See it does make the whole world more beautiful. We quickly realized the differences between NY snow and SD snow. I freely admit that NY gets way more snow. Way more. But it just drifts beautifully down from the sky and settles till the plow pushes it about. 

In SD the snow is controlled by the ever-present wind. Which means it comes down sideways and forms huge drifts, usually in front of any door that you wish to go out of in the winter. It closes the interstate too, because it is hard to keep the car on the road when you can not see the road only white snow everywhere.

NY may get more snow but SD knows how to use it against you. (Blizzard anyone?) SD usually gets some nice bitter cold in the winter time too. We will be in the negative degree range for the second time in our 10ish years here. Back home in SD much of the winter is spent on that end of the thermometer. Now remember I did not do any fact checking in this report it is just my general impressions of both areas. I could be wrong.

I do remember flying home for Christmas one year from Charleston SC. We were at the airport pretty early and the gentleman checking us in had plenty of time to talk to us. I don't think he had ever checked in someone going to SD in the wintertime. Just for fun we asked him to check the temperature at our destination. (This was before smart phones)  -14 degrees F. I think we were leaving 50-60 degree weather at the time. I can tell you that made this guy's day, at least he was not flying there! It also explained our huge parkas, a rare site in the warm south.

I think I will go start a roast in the oven. Because I was raised by my mother and this is what we do when it is cold outside.


  1. Yes, a roast is the prescribed activity for cold days. I chuckled at the part about the drifts, because my little Rascal dog ran into a bit of trouble with them today. Hubby shoveled the snow off the deck, and Rascal thought it would be a good idea to walk out off the deck and onto the drift below. It was fine for a while, since it had packed down, but I went out looking for him a little later, and found him standing in a little pocket of bare ground in the between a drift and the house, and he looked a little unsure about how to get out! Luckily, with a little coaxing, he got up the courage to come bounding up the drift and onto the deck before the snow collapsed beneath him!

  2. So did Rascal's eyes ask you for mittens? That would keep the paws considerable less chilled.
    Way to muster his courage to sprint back up on deck. He must be quite the plucky fellow.

  3. I used to have mittens for him, but he hated them!