Thursday, January 13, 2011


After reading my friend Crafty Corner's  blog post about "Merry Christmas to me", I decided I needed to learn from her. I don't have a problem buying yarn (mostly for myself) but I do have a problem "treating" myself. I have run across posts on Ravelry that talk about getting a bonus and what should I spend it on? I always think wow wouldn't that be nice?

Turns out it is nice. I received a Christmas bonus this year and decided to buy my wish list on Knitpicks. Shhh I even added a few items to it before I emptied it. Most of my items were even on sale (3 out of 4 sock yarns). The light blue "Dolphin" yarn will work out to be an amazing $5 pair of socks. Who could resist the purple "Royalty", my "Tea Party" brown and pink yarn, or Jade gloss yarn? I replaced a set of 2.25 mm needles I lost somehow, with lovely Harmony DPNs. I got a needle sizer for all the Knitpicks sizes. A set of connectors to make my Harmony interchangeable set even more versatile. I had had my eye on the magnetic pattern keeper for when I start doing more colorwork or charted lace patterns. I had worked with a similar idea in my former life as a cross stitcher. This one is just a tad up the ladder because it folds closed and buttons open to be a stand. I'll show you pictures later how it works.

I got the CD versions of 2006 Interweave Knits magazines. I think winter 2006 was the first time I noticed the magazine after I started knitting but it sold out by the time I got around to buying it. That red sweater on the front called my name even when I thought I would never knit a sweater. Now I have the set.

And what kind of a sock knitter would I be if I did not get Cookie A's new book? I am so in love. This one has the patterns in multiple sizes so I don't have to do the math to make socks that will fit me. Usually I am figuring how to add quite a few stitches without losing the fun pattern. I am really looking forward to making the German Stockings, I fell in love with those a couple of years ago on the Yarn Harlot's blog. I wonder if she ever finished them? It was actually Cookie's book that led me to the thought of using part of my bonus.

That book and a swift on sale started me thinking about how nice a order it would be. Yep I got myself a swift too. I had been wanting one in theory for quite some time. It seemed like such a high ticket item that while useful, I could make do without. Now I don't need to.

My swift is not in the picture because I mounted it and wound some yarn for D's sweater. Which is moving right along. It now has most of the body, most of a sleeve and part of another sleeve. I decided to not rib and bind off any part till it is mostly done. That way if I need to rip back a bit I will not be so devastated, I will however be bored of ribbing. So I think by this time next week D should have a new Friday sweater. He says he saves them for Friday so he can enjoy them more.

Happy knitting!


  1. Isn't it fun to shop for yourself? :-)

    PS - love the colors of the sock yarn!

  2. Yes, thanks for the inspiration.