Sunday, January 9, 2011

Atta Boy

D had a run today so I toughed it up and went to watch him run. Well mostly I just watch him start and finish. It was cold and windy, so cold and windy my knitterly goodness could not keep it out. Brrrrrr!

D's 3 mile group

Combined 10 &15 mile group

And they're off!
I went to find the finish line but it was way too cold for me to stand outside the whole time. I have come to the conclusion that you're not being a wimp if the cold is getting in through the stranded color work mittens. Those things are double thick!

I am so very proud of my Hubby for doing his winter running thing. He ran in a first night 5k and a hangover 5k the next day too. I know he loves this weather and it is great to see him out having fun. He did let me off the hook for the next few runs. What can I say the man wants me to knit him a sweater and there is no real convenient way to do that at runs.

After our delayed tea and scones time today I managed to take some pictures that I will be using here on the blog. Usually by the time I want to take pictures the light has changed and I am out of luck. So my awkward season of placing things on the floor or couch and photographing them has begun. I guess it is better for my neighbors to not see the crazy lady next door taking pictures of yarn and socks in the grass.

Here is to finding you're wintertime fun activity and making the most of it. Me? I will be on the couch with some wool and at least one cat companion.

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  1. Whooooaaa... running the winter! I'm totally impressed by that. I can barely run a mile in the summer, so D's run is an amazing feat! And yeah, if you're feeling the cold through the double-stranded mitten, it's cold!